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List your property with Everything Baja.

Maximize your bookings, increase revenue, and enjoy peace of mind.

What You Get

We provide advertising, marketing, and booking services for vacation or short-term rentals through a digital platform, including the Everything Isla website, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as AirBnB and VRBO, and social media. We have SuperHost status on both VRBO and Airbnb and have been advertising listings on these platforms for 10 years. This means the properties we advertise on those OTAs are typically ranked higher than other listings in the same area. In the future, if we deem it to be a good strategy, we may add listings on other OTAs such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, Booking, etc.

What It Costs

The pricing structure is simple—we charge 15% of the total reservation amount of ONLY those reservations which we ourselves book directly. If you book your properties yourself, or you work with other agents that book your properties, we do not receive any commission whatsoever from those reservations.

We pay owners monthly for all reservations departing in that same month. We distribute funds differently depending in what country you prefer to receive funds. If within the United States, we send payments to your bank account via ACH. If you with to receive funds outside the US, we send wire transfers. It is completely up to you to determine which method most benefits you to receive funds.

How It Works

We use the most up-to-date, professional property management software that integrates seamlessly with our website and the Online Travel Agencies. Our platform handles the photos, descriptions, amenities, rates, rules, existing reservations and integrates with listings on the Online Travel Agencies.

This allows the listing calendars on all platforms to communicate with each other, thereby preventing double-bookings. We synchronize your calendar with our software, and you can import our calendar into any reservation software you may use. We also assign you a login to our software that is tailored specifically to you and allows you to view the calendar for your property.

We communicate with guests via phone calls, emails and Whatsapp. We create a WhatsApp group dedicated to each property we represent so that we can quickly and accurately communicate with you as and when necessary. This group will include members from our team, you, and whomever else you would like add.

Once we have confirmed a reservation, we send a confirmation email to the guest and to an email group specific to your property. This email group contains the email addresses of our reservation manager, our accountant, our concierge, your property manager, and anyone else you would like to be included in receiving the email confirmation letters.

This way, everyone involved is supplied the details of each reservation and is informed at the same time. Our system allows for nothing to be missed, overlooked, or fall between the cracks.

The confirmation email includes check-in instructions, important contacts such as your property manager, directions to the property, a payment breakdown and any other information or instructions.

List your property.

If you’re interested in listing your property with us, please email Sean Mezzo at or call +1 310 569 4992. Or feel free to use the form below!

    Welcome to Everything Baja California Sur!

    “We are a vacation rental company that provides you with a personal experience during your vacation planning and rental options that best fit your needs and budget. And the best part is there are no additional fees!”

    Sean Petty, CEO, Everything Isla

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